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Chris Rupp's Keynote Slides:
"Ongoing Investigation in the Case 'System-Development'"

Ongoing investigation in the case System Development_Chris Rupp.pdfOngoing investigation in the case System Development_Chris Rupp.pdf

Matrix Elicitation Techniques

Konso- und ermittlungstechniken.pdfKonso- und ermittlungstechniken.pdf

055 - Elicitation Techniques Matrix EN - SOPHIST.pdf055 - Elicitation Techniques Matrix EN - SOPHIST.pdf

Chapter of "Requirements-Engineering and -Management" by the SOPHISTs :
"Eliciting Requirements - Clairvoyance for Connoisseurs"

Article by Chris Rupp:
"Requirements and Psychology"

Article - Requirements and Psychology - Chris Rupp.pdfArticle - Requirements and Psychology - Chris Rupp.pdf

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Keynote: "Ongoing Investigation in the Case 'System Development'" by Chris Rupp

Dear DREAMers,

many thanks to all the participants of my keynote at the DREAM event. I hope, I was able to give you some inspiration and you enjoyed my presentation.

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